Roof Top Restaurant (Taj Mahal View)

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Enough of the dreary top-notch food set-ups! Get up, get out, and stay outside! The time has come to explore both with your food and your environment. Additionally, the intake of fresh air helps digestion, as well! Burp!!

A rooftop lounge, free with rooftop restaurant - that is the excellence of Crystal Inn, settled in Agra. You either loosen up here with a trace of music in the background or enjoy the delights; you will wind up with an astounding experience.

The tasteful stylistic theme, incredible view, and extraordinary food is the formula for having an incredible time outside when you finally need to take a break from your busy life. We guarantee all of the above alongside a palatable service. Well, if your better half has been griping of your busy life, take her/him to Crystal Inn.